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The following internet links cover subject matter such as Operation Carpetbagger; the 801st / 492nd Bomb Group; Harrington; SOE; OSS; Jedburghs etc.:

Tom Ensminger’s The Carpetbagger Page

Kim Juhler’s website on the Carpetbaggers

Website dedicated to the Tigers Revenge, B24H 42-94816 of the 492nd BG that crashed in Norway 21st April 1945

Roger Day’s website “Rambury at War” which includes details of the crash in which Lt Lawrence Berkoff of 856th BS 492nd BG was killed near Lambourn on the 8th September 1944

The Belgian Aviation History Association webpage on the crash at Aaigem of Henry W. Wolcott’s plane C for Charlie

Eric Russells short video on his Uncle, Earl Underwood, Flight Engineer of the Wagstad crew who was killed when their Carpetbagger aircraft was hit by flak and crashed on the night of 3rd March 1944 at Lutz-en Dunois, France after a successful supply drop at Peter 54

Clipston School’s Wartime web pages

Jedburgh History, Jedburgh Team Composition and Jedburgh Operational Casualties – Arthur Browns archived web pages

Special Operations in the European Theater

The Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Robert Body’s Tempsford website

Roll of Honour website for Tempsford

Bob Body’s page on the RAF’s 161 (Special Duties) Squadron

Royal Air Force No 38 Group Squadrons website

Website on crashes in the Orkneys and in particular that of B-24 42-50331  that crashed at Walliwall, Near the Orkney capital of Kirkwall on 31 March 1945 while returning from a clandestine mission, all but one of the 14 on board were killed

Website on the US Army’s 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) from which the OSSs Norso Group was formed

Website dedicated to the memory of the Solomon Crew of the American 885th Bombardment Squadron 15th Air Force operating out of Brindisi who crashed on the slopes of Mount Canin on the night of 16th October 1944

The Official Violette Szabo GC website

The website of the Military Intelligence Museum at Chicksands in Bedfordshire. This museum contains the Intelligence Corps Collection; The Medmenham Collection devoted to aerial photography and image analysis; Displays on the joint service BRIXMIS intelligence gathering mission based in East Germany during the Cold War; The American radio intercept operations in Chicksands from 1950 until 1996; and a display commemorating those members of the Intelligence Corps who served in the SOE during World War 2

The following web pages include information on clandestine radios, Bletchley Park – Station X and code-breaking during WW2:

The following web pages include information on the WW2 British Resistance organisation; The Home Guard; and Civil Defence:

AUXUNIT News, website of the Auxiliary Units, 1940 – 1944

The Home Guard website “Most of those men are now long gone and dead but we, as a nation, should be proud of them.”: 

The British Resistance Archive

British Resistance Archive

The following web pages include information on Thor Missiles and the Royal Observer Corps:

Subterranea Britannica’s website on the Royal Observer Corps

Steve Scanlon’s website on the UK Nuclear Attack Warning System

Protect & Survive Archival website of UK Civil Defence material

Research Websites/tools:

United States Air Force Historical Research agency website containing a wealth of downloadable information

World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands database

Grunt’s Military Site Dedicated to the military and military personnel, includes details on military rank insignia, medals and ribbons as well as images, forums, military quotes and glossaries 

Aircrew remembered website containing comprehensive databases on aircrew losses and memories

Other websites of interest:

Tangmere Military Museum

Air War over Denmark Very informative Website by Soren C Flensted

US 8th AF – Fred Preller’s informative website

384th BG at Grafton Underwood – Fred Preller’s informative website

Stalag Luft 1 website 

Museum of Berkshire Aviation website specialising in Miles and the Handley& Page aircraft

If you are aware of any other relevant and interesting links on the above subjects that you consider should be included here then please let us know